Installing Tensorflow and Anaconda Python : Deep Learning ENV

Getting started with Deep Learning and not sure which framework to choose? Well let me tell you. You need Tensorflow – the deep learning framework from Google that went open source last November. With Tensorflow anyone with basic python knowledge can write magic spells aka deep learning networks . So let’s say you want to get started with tensorflow and you also want to avoid the hassle of going through all the dependency installations – you can use Anaconda. But, tensorflow isn’t available in conda channels yet. How to do it then? Let’s find out with Anaconda!

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Cooking big Excel files with Python and Openpyxl

At least once in life, every computer user has to handle some spreadsheets or, excel files. Sometimes to put formulas in for accounting stuff, sometimes to store data from Google forms or other surveys and etc. So what do you actually do when the spreadsheet contains just survey data or no number to apply formulas at all? I know you’ll get your hands dirty and do it manually. It’s fine if the there’s data from roughly a hundred people. What will you do if there’s data from a thousand or more? I’d have run away in such cases because I’m way too lazy to scroll down and have a look at those. Hopefully I know how to do magic tricks using Python and I’m going to show you this specific magic trick today.

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