A better way to access String in Swift (Perhaps!)

Anybody who went on to work with Strings in Swift has faced this – you can’t use integer indices to access characters in the String. Why? Because according to Official Swift Guide from Apple, every Character instance in Swift is an Extended Grapheme Cluster (read more @ https://goo.gl/xUsMv9 ). Long story short – it’s due to handling Unicode character set.  So how do you get a better way? (Better from the perspective that you have to write less code)

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5K Retina Display iMac – Worth it?

2K, 4K, 5K, there’re only K’s these days when you go for media, especially video. With 8K and 12K on the horizon and 4K getting mainstream day by day, how does Apple’s think different approach to make a 5K display work? I bought mine 6 months ago, and writing this review on a 5K 27 inch iMac. So how was the experience so far?

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Using Oracle Database Express 11g on MacOS via Docker

A few semester back I finished database design course at university. While the theory part was all about database design the lab part focused more on database manipulation. Or in simpler words it was all about SQL. Now if you want an RDBMS software what choices do you get? A lot! Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL etc etc. The list will just rage on these days. Our lab instructor however insisted on using Oracle, and that bugged me out because I carry a macbook to the lab for lab works and – there’s no MacOS version by Oracle for the Oracle Database Express. But, we’re in the age of VM’s and who cares what OS you’re using? Use a VM, job done! Now should you install an entire OS on VM for that? Well, it’s overkill. That’s why Docker comes in, it creates a Linux VM where you can deploy install test and do whatever you want with your applications. The overhead is really negligible as if you’re natively running Oracle Server on your machine. Let’s see how to install Oracle Database Express 11g on your shiny Mac via Docker.

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No Man’s Sky : The rant-view

Over the past few months, internet and gaming groups have been all over No Man’s Sky and its that many planets(Heck! I forgot the number myself! .__. ) and also about its minimal approach to visuals. Okay I got the game yesterday, installed this morning, installed the patch and turned it on my PS4 and I was like whoah! what to do from here? Honestly, where to go from here ? Duh, never mind. It’s a rant-view anyway!


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An animated gif loader in Java!

Animated gifs are just all over the internet these days. Especially after people realized picture comments ain’t enough for their social networking experience. Gifs are pretty good at expressing things in short – just like those tiny stories that float around on social networks. So how do you load them in a Java application? Or let’s say you want a gifloader that loads the gif of your choice?

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Getting Started with .NET Core on OS X

.NET, that too on OS X? Sound ridiculous right? Well, if you think so you haven’t been keeping up with the technology world recently. Microsoft has made their precious .NET framework cross platform and open source. Thanks to the Roslyn compiler, you can now compile, run, test .NET projects on not only Windows but also on Linux Distros and OS X. But how to set things up before you get started with .NET on a Mac running the latest version of OS X? Let’s find out!

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জাভা প্রোগ্রামিং – চলো হ্যালো বলে শুরু করি!

অনেক যন্ত্রপাতি রেডি করলাম । এখন জাভা নিয়ে ঘাটাঘাটি শুরু করার পালা । মানে প্রোগ্রামিং শুরু করার পালা । তো শুরু করি তাহলে?

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